Our System

And now for the fun stuff.

Real Time Structural Connections

Structural connections are precision-fitted from the exterior of the fully weather resistant modules. Modules are structurally connected as they are being assembled on site

Interiors can be fully completed, eliminating the requirement to leave open access openings for structural connections. Cabinetry and wall finishes are not subject to repair to accommodate interior structural connections.

Assembly of higher buildings is not compromised since each level is structurally complete upon assembly.

Set & Forget Roof & Building Envelope

Game-changing, factory finished roof and building envelope are set and sealed as modules are assembled on site. No need to scaffold to complete the exterior of the building.

Plug & Play Electrical & Mechanical

Modular electrical and mechanical systems. Modules are just plugged in upon installation, minimizing site labour, and saving time, costs and potential errors.

Integrated Smart Technology

Ducted heat pump technology coupled with energy recovery ventilation provide the occupants with the ultimate comfort of year-round, fresh, filtered air. Plus reduced energy costs.

Smart controls for lighting, HVAC and energy are factory installed, enhancing energy efficiency, security and preventative maintenance.

Rapid Completion & Occupancy

Up to 4,000 square feet per hour of finished building installed per crane unit. That's 160,000 square feet per week.

90-day occupancy is scheduled after modules are installed.

Lower costs translate to lower rents.